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Is travelling on a really tight budget really so difficult in Paris?

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I have been reading some posts from young travellers planning a trip to France, on a REALLY tight budget. Responses have generally been: Too small a budget, get real, reduce your number of days …etc.

It made me think about my first trip to Paris at 18. We stayed in a very cheap, very clean and very basic hostel. We had nowhere enough money to eat in a restaurant, and were probably hungry for most of the time. We lived on bread and cheese, when we could afford the cheese. We had an occasional drink, but I really did not drink back then.

We had an incredible time, it was so exciting and life-altering, and I would not have missed out on it, despite all the nay-sayers: The sights we saw, the museums and art galleries we visited, and the sheer joy of just walking around in Paris, which cost nothing at all.

I barely remember the hunger. However, the joy of my first encounter with Paris resulted in a long-lasting passion.

Are we not being very judgmental, and forgetting when we were young, when new experiences were the most important thing, and good food and comfortable lodgings were unimportant, even irrelevant?

Are we also not forgetting that there are very many residents in Paris and London and other major cities living on very tiny budgets on a daily basis?

A question to Paris people: Just how cheap could a young person do Paris, on a daily basis?

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